Vladimir Kaigorodov

Smak 'n roll in 't CAT

Mikhail Bezverkhni, Sergei Andreev,Tamara Doloechanova,
Vladimir Kaigorodov

Vier schilders, vier verschillende persoonlijkheden, hun roots lopen als een rode draad door hun werk, verbinden hen in hun verscheidenheid.

Tentoonstelling van 29 april tot 29 mei 2011, georganiseerd door Niva in het CAT

Vladimir Kaigorodov

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5 tot 27 februari 2011
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Vladimir is zowel wetenschapper als kunstenaar

Dr. Vladimir Kaigorodov, Ph.D
SKYPE:  vladimir_kai

Innovation-oriented, creative, visionary mind. The joyful personality with empathy for motivating  environment that encourages vision, initiative, talent, and freedom of expression in casual yet stimulating atmosphere where people enjoy coming to work. Has a sense of humor and ability to find understanding with people at all levels.

Now he is looking for new job within science and technology.  He is also interested in entirely new employment opportunities, including yet not limited to:  project consulting, information search and analytical work for various reports, management and troubleshooting of projects. Ecology and sustainable development of the Third World are also on agenda.

Advanced educational trainings as well as numerous business-trips all over the world would be acceptable for him.

Education/Research Experience

2002-2008                  Postdoctoral Researcher
Department of Molecular Biomedical Research, Gent University and Flanders Institute for Biotechnology (VIB), Technologiepark  927,  Gent-Zwijnaarde, B-9052, BELGIUM.
Initially was VIB contract researcher in GlycoSwitch R&D project for production of humanized biopharmaceuticals in Pichia pastoris  under supervision of Prof. Roland Contreras.  Also was granted DWTC fellowship for one year.
In the year 2004 new project was initiated to develop  FastScreen system for Pichia pastoris under supervision of Prof. Nico Mertens at VIB  Protein Service Facility. Was involved a lot with ERASMUS students who did Master diploma in biotechnology (1 year in English) to initiate them into practical experience of modern research lab and manage their diploma projects (7 Master projects in total)
1997-2001                  Postdoctoral Researcher
Genetics of sugar-nucleotide transport in yeast Golgi apparatus.
Department of Molecular Biology, NIBH, AIST-COE fellowship, under supervision of Dr. Yoshifumi Jigami. Tsukuba Research Center, 1-1 Higashi, Tsukuba, Ibaraki,  JAPAN.
1992-1996                  Ph.D. Molecular Biology
Expression of recombinant low-affinity human IgE Fc-receptor (CD23) in Escherichia coli and mammalian cells.
Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology and Institute of Biotechnology. 
Russian Academy of Science. Moscow, RUSSIA
1987-1992                  M.Sc. (Hons) Microbiology (Immunology)
Lomonosov  Moscow State University.  Department of Biology.   Moscow, RUSSIA.
Born 9th April 1970 near small town in Ural Mountains. Single. Citizenship: Russia. Belgian  5-year residence card was granted in 2008.
Hobby  –  Art  ( objects, paintings, video)  and ZEN-meditation.

Dr. Vladimir Kaigorodov



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Nico Callewaert, Vladimir Kaigorodov, Steven Geysens, Wouter Vervecken, and Roland Contreras.
Protein Glycosylation Modification in Pichia Pastoris.
Patent number WO2004003194,  2004-01-08

Kaigorodov V, Jigami Y.
In vitro evidence that yeast apyrases Ynd1p and Gda1p, are not essential for transport of cytosolic GDP-mannose into the lumen of Golgi vesicles.   2001. (manuscript, not published, pdf  file is available on request, by E-mail, as reference)

Gao XD, Kaigorodov V, Jigami Y.
YND1, a homologue of GDA1, encodes membrane-bound apyrase required for Golgi N- and O-glycosylation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 1999 Jul 23; Vol.274(30): 21450-6

Kaigorodov V. and Jigami Y.
What is physiological function of lumenal apyrase activity in yeast Golgi?
Glycoconjugate J., 1999 April/May Vol.16 number 4/5: S126.

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